What happens when u throw glitter in the air? It sparkles like crazy! Even in dim light the flicker of hope and individualism shine like crazy! Sometimes life isn't as straight forward and easily seen as the high beam fog lights... But If u have hope, there is always a way! Wether its to become a doctor or an athlete... No Professional has ever gotten it easy at the beginning or anytime in that matter, they always try to exceed themselves, its not a fluke that they achieved 100% in a test or that they did 18 pirouettes, its hard work being amazing! Being able to dream and aspire for something reignites the flame of tomorrow, the pretty sparkles in the air would soon become a vast and exceeding rainbow of fulfilment.
But (yes there always is a but) when you throw glitter or anything in the darkness... You get darkness... This is when nothing motivates or inspires u... at this stage there is nothing except a giant ditch waiting 4 u to fall in. Those who stop dreaming, stop living. In terms of life span it may stay the same, but how you live your life starts to thin out... you can't change the length of your life but you can change how thick and wide it gets! Don't give up because its easier to switch the light off! 

(Light off moments such as Injuries, demotivation, depression and all of the above are temporary... )
Think of it like exercise... It may sting, kill and burn but once u stop... u feel a sense of achievement and an instant longing to do that set all over again! (thats right... all over again!) So as the cliche states... as the going gets tough... the tough gets going! Keep dreaming and keep going! coz once u stop and give up on urself... u give up on everything! 

What happens when the light bulb gives out? you start a fire! Throw glitter in the air and see your dreams and aspirations trickling closer and closer towards you!