The day you wake up and you realise your totally living the dream! 
This is what happened to me, 
I got into The Lion King, it was my first Portal to my dreams coming true and i had to take it. 
No one told me however, it was going to be this hard! Demotivated some nights, tired, Frustrated and also the Shit that goes back stage, the back stabbing, the rudeness to one another, the persona's people put on.

When people say preforming is a cut throat industry, thats an understatement. 
As you thought, you get out of school you're optimistic, your drive to get there kicks in overdrive, but after many rejections, the ones that are left, fight and take what they can, and tho Musicals were defiantly not my first Choice before, They have opened my eyes to something more special then ever imaged, i had to grow up fast!

It taught me how to be a grown up, how to deal with people and how to look after myself, my name as a performer! 
Things that being at school didn't teach me.

The repetition every night! 8 shows a week, it does beat the love out of you! After the manyith show, your no longer dancing but performing steps that become so familiar to you, you fall asleep, the strain on your body and mind, as you no longer have the important times with your friends, to sleep early or to even have a dinner onetime! 
You loose friends, some disconnect, your priorities change! 
But you know that they all always be there for you!

As a performer you give up everything, you become the JOB! You find time to fit your friend sessions before you totally loose control.

I see celebrities turn to drugs, alcohol and sometimes even death, its this question!


Of course nothing is perfect but the life of a performer is far from perfect! 
Im not even at the top and yet I'm already bragging on about how difficult it is!


It is the dream! I wouldn't have it any other way!!! 
I love what i do and i know that regret is never an option! 
Im a fighter who believes in myself, and i know who i am as a person and a performer to take myself to the top!
I won't settle for anything less for myself, and its this drive that gets me crazy for things!
I might not be bird man, but i WILL BE!!! and its these little steps that take you to the top!!! and in these 2 years 
It will be so hard, but, ill get there!! JUST YOU WATCH!!!!!

Just sayin 

The opportunities that came yesterday? Did you take it? 
Where are you right now?

Life is definitely a "right now! At this very moment" kinda thing. We make decisions and act the way we do every moment of everyday.

An unscripted play has endless possibilities that enable you to become the whatever and whoever!
 Where you're at now, is where u should be. If not then Change it. "Never Regret Anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted. 

At the beginning of the year i was accepted into WAAPA (Western Australia of the Performing Arts) after the 2nd rejection. To where i wanted to be. Many greats have walked through the hallway at WAAPA i.e Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman and countless others!

However, i decided to discontinue, not because i hated it and i gave up, but it wasn't what i wanted to do, and it wasn't for me.

So i ended up stuck in Perth Not dancing "AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!" But i will be!

This Break enabled me to go out in the world, experiencing normality, meeting new and amazing people and getting a job at Lulu Lemon and Dome, which i bounce out of bed to work for! 

It's safe to say that i am so god damn happy! This Break is exactly what i needed to heal, to find what i've lost, the motivation to keep going and the want to better myself. And here it is. It gave me the time to think and to heal my Injuries to start again from the Beginning! 

Just saying Life sometimes steer you away from what your goal is! But!!! You gotta take control of the wheel and steer yourself back! :D And then you wont end up exactly the same spot in a ditch or at the starting line because you were to afraid to take the chance, but somewhere you've been dreaming of all your life, the finish line?

Nah... thats to easy.

DRIVE? What is it that makes you TICK over, wanting to really excel and push yourself to the limits. The other day i received a message saying that, "you will never be able to achieve who and where you want to be."
Personally that is my drive, i don't know why, but that fuels me to work harder and to push that little bit further, because i want to not only do it for me... But to show those who thought i couldn't.

Figure out what your Ticker is and make sure you stay focused... it sometimes becomes difficult to see what we want. Temptations become in the way, such as food, the night clubs (WOO PARTAY), Everything has to be in proportion, making sure your the arrow heading towards the bulls eye! 

Now this brings me to a lovely saying that i once heard " I do because i can, I can because i will, i will because you thought i couldn't. " It's a challenge! Instead of crying about it and talking about it online with your friends (Coff Coff) You have to embrace it and show them, i can do it! And man! When i make it, ill not only show you but show myself that all is possible!!



*You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

*Losing isn't getting knocked down. Losing is not getting back up.
*We are like tea-bags. You don't know you're own strength til your in hot water.
"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say they can't do"
Tully C. Knoles
The greatest thing about man is his ability to transcend himself, his ancestry and his environment and to become what he dreams of being.
Harvey Mackay
Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can send it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back.

If you only had a couple of days to live and i was totally magical and gene-like, 1 wish, to choose between living at your happiest for 1 week or living 10 years of disappointment and despair...  

U would probably choose the 1 week option bcoz... What is life without happiness? Why wait for the things you know u could do now or have now... It's like doing assessments or paying the bills the last min... now in all honestly i leave everything to the last min... Rushing, making stuff up, writing fake doctors notes (scrap the last 1... Lol) But i always do... 
U can never be free when all that baggage is lingering at the back of ur mind... So all i'm saying is live today, don't wait for tomorrow... Coz who knows... tomorrow might never come :O 

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What happens when u throw glitter in the air? It sparkles like crazy! Even in dim light the flicker of hope and individualism shine like crazy! Sometimes life isn't as straight forward and easily seen as the high beam fog lights... But If u have hope, there is always a way! Wether its to become a doctor or an athlete... No Professional has ever gotten it easy at the beginning or anytime in that matter, they always try to exceed themselves, its not a fluke that they achieved 100% in a test or that they did 18 pirouettes, its hard work being amazing! Being able to dream and aspire for something reignites the flame of tomorrow, the pretty sparkles in the air would soon become a vast and exceeding rainbow of fulfilment.
But (yes there always is a but) when you throw glitter or anything in the darkness... You get darkness... This is when nothing motivates or inspires u... at this stage there is nothing except a giant ditch waiting 4 u to fall in. Those who stop dreaming, stop living. In terms of life span it may stay the same, but how you live your life starts to thin out... you can't change the length of your life but you can change how thick and wide it gets! Don't give up because its easier to switch the light off! 

(Light off moments such as Injuries, demotivation, depression and all of the above are temporary... )
Think of it like exercise... It may sting, kill and burn but once u stop... u feel a sense of achievement and an instant longing to do that set all over again! (thats right... all over again!) So as the cliche states... as the going gets tough... the tough gets going! Keep dreaming and keep going! coz once u stop and give up on urself... u give up on everything! 

What happens when the light bulb gives out? you start a fire! Throw glitter in the air and see your dreams and aspirations trickling closer and closer towards you!


Happiness? We all dream and hope for it! We all want to end up with it! 
Love? Would u sacrifice love for ur happiness? Or Should it come as a package with many other great things? 
Dreams? What make you TICK! from being totally average to sumthing special! 

Sadly The packages in life never come quite like that... it always seem its one or the other... Choices arise and we soon spiral down to a never ending roller coaster ride to unsatisfaction with our lives (Yes, that ain't a word).
Would U choose love over happiness? Or rr dreams overcoming love? Life never seems fair... but thats just the way it is... :(
However todays 2nd blog is about recovering!

My previous posts of needing to success and never giving up demonstrates 1 determined personnel, however that persona soon diminishes into what we call emptiness... thats right, the feeling of being alone, stuck, hated and rejected... Sometimes it is ok to quit, If we put everything in 1 basket, then we risk the chance of our life's shattering to its fall! Sometimes its hard to keep going and when we can't take anymore we simply dissolve... We start swimming with the stream, we become like every1 else... Our dreams of fame and fortune become the average lives of "the normal/ modern family" BUT! it's ok! If we don't open our eyes to other things then we possibly can't discover new and interesting adventures! 
This Blog might sound a bit BLAH... and GAH... But at the end of the day if what your hard work isn't paying off and its about time to think about another dream then its possibly a good idea to cut yourself down to size. We will recover eventually, because the worst is to get over the fence...
Everybody's gotta reason to cry, and everybody fights, but not everyone survives and everybody searches , but not everybody finds and I'm still in recovery hoping to make it alright... So We will Recover coz the worst is over now... 

U have been depressingly bloggered!

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It Seems that i haven't posted a blog last night so I'll do 1 now n 1 2night! ( Lol Sorry Guys went out :S)(( I have a life 2, Well, I hope i do! :P)
Good morning all to this beautiful day of Sunshine! I wanna talk about an experience i had last night at, pretty much club crawling with a couple of friends... I realised something... That life was made for u 2 experience things which are totally new and exciting! (don't worry guys i never do anything!) However, 1nce or 2wice is fair enough but if this happens on a regular basis, it becomes an addiction! 
"What? So I'm officially addicted to Alcohol?" NO! 
But u do have to realize that Alcohol can be fun at the present but in long term, has crippling effects to your entire body!
Ohh.... I'm not pressuring u 2 stop at all, go 4 ur life! Lol But! I will tell you that even tho I'm Sober, totally in control, Respect my body and don't have the urge to jump on the nearest moving object! U are Right, It gets depressing most stages! But I have a dream, a goal an unreachable star which no 1 would dare to venture to... Sumtimtes we gotta think... If It's worth the things we are doing? 
Oh but a drink can turn into many things,,, into another, drugs, fags... Hooking up with men 30+ ur age...
Hey... Im pretty despirate 4 sum action.... anytihing that wants to do me, I'll run with! Lol 
But... have the decentcy to tret urself right! Who knows u might 1 day not come home due to an accident!
If so Then y do so many of us get Killed? 
Death is like a forever thing, once ur gone u take everything with u... Ur hopes... Dreams and aspirations... So why not leave them here, Do em, Inspire and create!

Just think... U might win now with ur epic alcohol consumption and drug intaking, but! If i achieved half of what i wan't to, then I will still give up more to achieve my dream! So U can Shut me out, But ill just scream, I'm only 1 voice in a million, But u aint thaking that from me...
At the end of the day, its what you do and say that makes u who u are, So if u think about it, U only have just 1 life! So Y Stuff it up! :S 

I'm Nick, I want to be a dancer when i grow up! I Don't want to give up! I will do anything for everything! What would u give up? or do? For a clearer future to what u wanna do?

If ur not sure of what ur willing to give up, then what are u ready to do when the time comes?

U have been depressingly Bloggered!

Hypothetically (which means in real life! lol) there are these 2 guys, they started dancing the same time, did exactly the same thing and were both fantastic at what they did! Except 1 moved on to the next challenge and the other 1 stayed exactly the same place... 14 years later the 1 that moved on to greater things got into one of the worlds most well known company, while the other 1 still struggles to get his name out there... These 2 which should be nameless are both still fantastic dancers. However 1 got comfortable with being the best. The "Big fish in a lil pond" Is such a tempting and easy life... however, when u leave, lets say... school, ur no longer the big fish... ur 1 of many that strive everyday to make sure that he/she doesn't get nom nomed up by bigger fish! So 1 swam and conquered the big sea while the other sure is big in the pond... but what is he to the big picture? what is he?

So never settle for comfort! 
When times get rough just think, People that loose themselves give up coz when the going gets tough they give up... but the true dreamers! the true heros, Are those when the going gets tough the tough gets going!
Always put urself out there and try because rejection and failure sure beats the arse of not trying! 
Remember that life is short and that u don't want to end up one of those that say "what if?" because only 5% of people achieve their dreams... but thats because only 15% go for it... and most give up! 
Never ever be a giveruper! coz what ur giving up on isn't ur dream... It's urself! 

U have just been Bloggered! :p
(I have no right to the Picture, its from a fantastic website called word boner) :D

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