Sooooo.... In Personal Training there are 3 types of pple... the people on top of the mountain... the people on the bottom and the climbers.... 
People on Top are the achiever... Or the Inspiration
People Climbing are the future hero's
and the ones on the bottom havnt made their move yet.
Any1 of them can be a puller...
A puller is a puller downer! as in they pull other down to the bottom of the mountain... 
Why? because they are self insecure... Never ever listen to those who drag you down, like ever! The problem is... every1 is a potential puller... Feeling intimidated your natural instincts is to turn, and show em off! yes... U HAVE JUST BEEN A PULLER! It's ok if u dont intentionally do it but thinking about making sum1 look not as good is officially a crime... Personally... Lol
So i've just become a convicted felon.?.?. NO....
But instead of worrying about other think about urself... Think i wanna be the best i can be.... High ranking others should be the treat of your hard workness and your inspirational self worth.

However when people do try and pull u down... they slowly slip and go rolling face first down the mountain while u stay heavily secured with your harness... people help those who help others so its perfect! The more friends u make the more people who respect u, the less others would want to pull u down... So say it loud and clear when sum1 pulls! " Um... Im not diggin ur attitude... And walk away" DO IT! 

Or Take it as a compliment when pple slip, its their asses to the floor not urs! Ur simply hovering above them like an eagle in the grand canyon (whats that, an american simile.... how unpatriotic of u nick just move to america already!) Lol 

The even sader fact is (insert even sadder face) is that ur hero can be a puller... but as human beings we can all turn a blind eye and only respect the things we love on our hero's i.e. i like michael Jackson because of his inspiration for the world... not his insecure self of being different... 

Because we dont know the hero personally... We can choose to save the info that makes us inspired and feel loved lol 
So who likes Chris Brown? I DO!

So be Urself! Be who? BE U! 


Many thanks for info


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