Today Marks a new beginning for many... I attended St Paul's Church in Castle Hill's which i may add is a very new and exciting experience for me. Loud music and a lovely dance performance by Rhiain gave the ceremony a new and modern outlook to "Church." Silent moments of Prayer has been uplifted by songs of the local rock band and talent from their community. I am grateful to be invited to participate with their welcoming ceremony.

Now In the Ceremony... we discussed the grave... a life of eternity... making this subject not like death, i just wanna say... life is short... We have all of eternity to rest and be at home... comfortable and be in the presence of happiness in "eternity". So in the mean time why not live it up... Not to the point of Drug addiction and heavy partying... But being able to set a goal and achieve it makes life 20x more fulfilling... Making a difference/ change the world
Realising its to late and being berried underground..(that would suck)
Its times like these that you ask yourself.... Who am i? Am i remembered? Have i made a difference? the answer is... YES
It depends on how much you put in to life... If you put in 100% then you officially have 0% left... Its like your faith... if you give your faith 100% without doubt... then the door to eternity would be as great as all imagined...
You dont have to be catholic, jew or anything to believe... Its just what we believe to make death less scary and more adventurous...

So i should Kill myself now? OMG HELL NO! As i said... life is short, no regrets, 
What a bout my PAST?
Today... is a marking of a new beginning as going to church has taught me... U have officially been wiped clean! what you do now should be exciting... celebrate life! Celebrate the difference you have made in the world... it takes 1 star to give the world hope :D
So today... yes a time for recognition of what was sacrificed... but a celebration of what you will achieve in the future and the impact on others u will have....

Thank u Rhiain for inviting me to ur church community :D it was lots of fun!

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