I think I can add a blog about self worth today... I'm feeling that some of the choices that I have made arn't particularly the right 1's... Sometimes the wrong decisions feel right when making them... but... in the hidden terms and conditions is a constant ache of regret. So Lesson learned, and "make right of what you have left!" How can I tell if its the right decision to make? It seems when making 1 decision... another voice kicks in and totally contradicts the other... at this point ur thinking... SHIT NOW IM HEARING VOICES... (crazy Lol) but those voices soon become the "I told u so's" and "Ur on ur own's" of the future. 

We have all been through the... OMG! What was i thinking! and the Branded for life situations! Which i must add are totally not cool! I have made soooooooooo.... x 300000000 many repeated mistakes which I will continue repeating... sadly thats who I am... and my excuse would be... The penis...  Lol (excuse the rudeness) 

How many times have u seen others totally making a fool of themselves... Thinking... Gosh... thank God I'm not like that... But the awful truth is... OMG! I was totally like that!, dead set... at Tom's party, Gahhhhhh....

But! So many of these situations could have been avoided if I had a talk with my self worth and how far I've sunken which has unnoticeably scared my standards for life... 

So... It's time to make it right from what was left wrong...! Lol I'm liking my left's and right's! hahaha

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