First is first tho... Today, After many years of procrastination... I finally joined the gym!
Now Bak to d post... 

The controversy of the perfect born dancers physique was brought up today at dancing....
Its definitely hard to look away from possibly the worlds best facility and compare it to the sweat and blood of the worker. Yes, Talent is amazing and can produce some of the worlds best. But those who aren't born with, lets say the perfect feet make do with what they got :D
Thats right! They do! They grow sum balls, stop winging and WORK! They are disciplined, they stop eating/ cutting out fatty foods, they come to class early to work on everything and stay back till late. they stretch at night and go work out/ study after their classes of intense activity both mentally and physically. 

Another thing is, life is fair, they might have everything to begin with but if they don't work... then they stop there. They can't take criticisms as they were always the favourite in class... they soon realise that everyone that was once behind is zooming past them in a 40 zone... thats what you have to do! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! Don't focus on what other have but more on what gifts u have been given! Ur determination to succeed? Ur performance quality? the list goes on! So please send me ur gifts! Realise the potential of what life has given and run with it! 

Me: Flexible, Determined, Exuberant, happy, optimistic and definitely not a GIVER UPPER!... lets hear about u :D

However, i must say! If u are born with everything! you realise u cant have everything! its those who are humble and still work their arses off! They get to the top! Sp pretty much if u have it all! and ur a ball's of sweat worker! then u can have it all! :D But no 1 is that perfect... can there be?

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Siann :D
8/19/2011 00:14:55

Me = strong, determined, hard working, confident and me = Giselle, not Paquita Tibor :P


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