I have decided to look into the life of a spinning top... how they can stay spinning for a long long period of time; without fail hitting 20 perfect revolutions... and then i looked at people who were great turners. Many say that a Pirouette is a balance but turning, but i think that is a way under stated statement! for sure! 

The difference between us and a spinning top is its solid base and everything else :S and what? We have Joints? It seems that the way for a good pirouette is to hold the same position u go into a turn that you come out... and then i cn get amazing 20 cazillion pirouettes? No... Sorry.. lol but!!!!! and there is a giant butt!!! it will definitely help

Another factor is your spine... Olden day ballet says flatten it... but in reality you body has its natural curves to be balanced... for example.... OMG! its a miracle ur standing... why? ur spines in the minor S shape is the reason.... soooo.... when u turn spine must be in neutral. ( When u first try it ill totally screw u up like no joke... BUT!! after a few days ull be doing 5-6 pirouettes like that! ((DONT OVER EXAGGERATE))

Suck that bitch in! this is way over done but hey if soooo many people say it... then it must be right, RIGHT? kinda... it not about sucking ur stomach in... think of belly to spine... u actually engage ur transverse abs... really deep 1! and if ur not particularly tall... u like legit! Groe an extra 2-4 inches! FOR REAL? For real for real!!! (lol andrea grant) hahaha it must be like really engaged to the point that you lit feel like throwing up... yea :S
Practise by... peeing and half way stopping it completely! then go again... That feeling is exactly what u need to feel!  
You should feel taller and this feeling of going up

Make sure its all aligned try doing a pirouette prep and just go up and balance shaking your head... 
OBV Im tired right now and cant be bothered writing this... LOL

Hands... as long as the both meet in the centre its fine :D
THE second hand joins the middle in a fast whipping action


mke sure ur arms dont swing behind you... winding up might give u more force... but IF UR NATURALLY VERY CENTRED THEN GO FOR IT!
Its what makes it work for you!
Thing PLOP!
Straight onto my supporting leg... 

Personally My tip (think its totally woing but gets me around) is to hold my breath when i turn... it like makes me feel way more balanced... but what works for me might not work 4 u... so try it.... see what makes it work 4 u...

Theres my lil tips for u... Sooo... have fun and happy turning! :P


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