It Seems that i haven't posted a blog last night so I'll do 1 now n 1 2night! ( Lol Sorry Guys went out :S)(( I have a life 2, Well, I hope i do! :P)
Good morning all to this beautiful day of Sunshine! I wanna talk about an experience i had last night at, pretty much club crawling with a couple of friends... I realised something... That life was made for u 2 experience things which are totally new and exciting! (don't worry guys i never do anything!) However, 1nce or 2wice is fair enough but if this happens on a regular basis, it becomes an addiction! 
"What? So I'm officially addicted to Alcohol?" NO! 
But u do have to realize that Alcohol can be fun at the present but in long term, has crippling effects to your entire body!
Ohh.... I'm not pressuring u 2 stop at all, go 4 ur life! Lol But! I will tell you that even tho I'm Sober, totally in control, Respect my body and don't have the urge to jump on the nearest moving object! U are Right, It gets depressing most stages! But I have a dream, a goal an unreachable star which no 1 would dare to venture to... Sumtimtes we gotta think... If It's worth the things we are doing? 
Oh but a drink can turn into many things,,, into another, drugs, fags... Hooking up with men 30+ ur age...
Hey... Im pretty despirate 4 sum action.... anytihing that wants to do me, I'll run with! Lol 
But... have the decentcy to tret urself right! Who knows u might 1 day not come home due to an accident!
If so Then y do so many of us get Killed? 
Death is like a forever thing, once ur gone u take everything with u... Ur hopes... Dreams and aspirations... So why not leave them here, Do em, Inspire and create!

Just think... U might win now with ur epic alcohol consumption and drug intaking, but! If i achieved half of what i wan't to, then I will still give up more to achieve my dream! So U can Shut me out, But ill just scream, I'm only 1 voice in a million, But u aint thaking that from me...
At the end of the day, its what you do and say that makes u who u are, So if u think about it, U only have just 1 life! So Y Stuff it up! :S 

I'm Nick, I want to be a dancer when i grow up! I Don't want to give up! I will do anything for everything! What would u give up? or do? For a clearer future to what u wanna do?

If ur not sure of what ur willing to give up, then what are u ready to do when the time comes?

U have been depressingly Bloggered!

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