Happiness? We all dream and hope for it! We all want to end up with it! 
Love? Would u sacrifice love for ur happiness? Or Should it come as a package with many other great things? 
Dreams? What make you TICK! from being totally average to sumthing special! 

Sadly The packages in life never come quite like that... it always seem its one or the other... Choices arise and we soon spiral down to a never ending roller coaster ride to unsatisfaction with our lives (Yes, that ain't a word).
Would U choose love over happiness? Or rr dreams overcoming love? Life never seems fair... but thats just the way it is... :(
However todays 2nd blog is about recovering!

My previous posts of needing to success and never giving up demonstrates 1 determined personnel, however that persona soon diminishes into what we call emptiness... thats right, the feeling of being alone, stuck, hated and rejected... Sometimes it is ok to quit, If we put everything in 1 basket, then we risk the chance of our life's shattering to its fall! Sometimes its hard to keep going and when we can't take anymore we simply dissolve... We start swimming with the stream, we become like every1 else... Our dreams of fame and fortune become the average lives of "the normal/ modern family" BUT! it's ok! If we don't open our eyes to other things then we possibly can't discover new and interesting adventures! 
This Blog might sound a bit BLAH... and GAH... But at the end of the day if what your hard work isn't paying off and its about time to think about another dream then its possibly a good idea to cut yourself down to size. We will recover eventually, because the worst is to get over the fence...
Everybody's gotta reason to cry, and everybody fights, but not everyone survives and everybody searches , but not everybody finds and I'm still in recovery hoping to make it alright... So We will Recover coz the worst is over now... 

U have been depressingly bloggered!

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