Chapter 1: Interactive lateness?
Supposedly meeting everyone at 6pm on the dot... my good friend pierre laba sarkis calmly crossed the streets with his 1970's vintage look with the bowtie, 30 min late. After saying " I'm 2 minutes away" for the past 20 min me and Meri (also an exceptional personnel studying LAW) experienced an epic collision between this girl and the glass door... 
lets say It definitely left a mark... on her and the door...
After the arrival of the Sarkis we went into wagaya an interactive menu food restaurant... after multiple min of "how does this thing work" we finally got our orders in... Meri: celebrated by reading us her Poem...which i thought was fantastic "BOYAAAAYAH DAY!" lol thats all i really remember sadly and " no more  sumthing gay... except for the meri rainbows and flowers of today?" i really dont think thats right.... Hmmm... 

Anyways back to the to Restaurant Don't even go there with the drinks which tasted like death in a glass and the over salted food was later calmed by the deliciousness of the green tea ice cream... so 20 min till the imogen heap concert and haven't even left the restaurant... i can safely conclude... we needed to bolt!

Chapter 2: Your face is heritage listed! I'm photoing this bitch!

At our arrival, photos were totally totally prohibited in the state theatre... after seated the camera was out and we were, lets say smiling for the show! Suddenly "Excuse me, this place is heritage listed... You cant take photos of the stadium but u can of the set..." i looked at her in disgust and replied "well lets say we accidentally took photos of ourselves in the set like "Accidentally" She then threatened me with a warning... At this point i was thinking... Um excuse me! Are u naturally a blond or ur just a bitch ( no offence to the blonds out there :P) 
Lets Just say the entire crowed broke rules by standing in the mezzanine Which i may add is also prohibited... So is the bitches face... but i didn't complain! 

Chapter 3: Lady... Your totally stoned... 

Supporting act was definitely interesting... it was of a fantastic musician who maybe said a lot to much... talking about her journeys through india and the dead bodies floating in the Gandi river... Definitely increased the freaky and weird factor... in an extremely uncomfortable and creepy way!
Never the less IMMI was driving around on her heavily sequenced couch/ vehicle that drove her around the stage. Personally if ur gonna perform... lay off the weed!

Chapter 4: We Love u Immi!

Moments of Magic and excitement filled our heads as she tells the story of her journeys for each song. Inspiring? Absolutely!  
Makes me wonder and think deeply of the journey i'll embark! This Should be the longest chapter ever! However i was definitely in the moment! If any has the chance to see her, id go! JUST GO!  and experience her!

Chapter 5: the Golden Mile

After exiting the theatre of Heritageness! we all needed to run to the toilet... after walking for 3o min... which seemed like forever... we finally made it to Pancakes on d ROX! Rushing though the line of hungry unattainable human beings i was able to get to the toilet.

Chapter 6: this could Be a book!

As We sat there looking at the menu we decided to oder a Pizza! Possibly the most amazing creation at 12 am in the morning! it was sooo tasty  Mr Sarkis even liked his plate clean... and that was not a euphemism! He really did! HIGHLY RECOMMEND PIZZA AT THE ROCKS :P
We then got our pancakes! Meri as we call her decided to lecture us all on the amount of fat and carbs we were consuming Lol But hey! This is a celebration! and lets say She definitely enjoyed her set of PNCKS!

Chapter 7: the 20 Min wait

After 20 min of boredom waiting for the train to go home, it surprisingly was quite a quick trip home... I was tired and so was meri... Mr sarkis went home and was probably snoozing his life away...  then home...

That was the Epicness Of the Immi 2 day event! 

Pierre Laba Sarkis
Nicholas Li
Meri... Just Meri Lol
and The BITCH!


Haha OMG one of the best nights in existence! And this retell just captures it perfectly.......

Blonde Bitch!
Nick and Pierre!!!!!

So good...


Could not have summed it up any better myself, BEST BLOG!! BEST NIGHT!



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