Your life is like a non-fiction novel,  1 day equals 1 chapter, each chapter should be different from the other... Sum days its much more exciting while the other days it's down right boring! Think now... If your life is the finished... Published novel... then who is the main character? The Romeo to the Juliet? U guessed correctly! U ARE! Whether u are Prince charming, Shreck or a Fairy God Mother this novel makes u the focus! So if u ain't Price charming... He can just move aside! 
Many of us life our lives thinking much more of others... However, this is ur story! Not others! Sure, Its lovely to help out others but u have to realise the hard fact, of this life has no erasers! once its printed in... there can never be edits! 

Now... Its ok to think mainly of urself, u are the main character to ur novel! Every time someone passes, their novel gets published into the grave, having all eternity to read the worlds most personal and humiliating novel called "Ur life"... thats right the story ends there! So u have to realise when ur all nicely dressed and berried for all eternity... What have i done? What difference have i made? Is my story boring? e.t.c 

So Imagine ur life is the play to the most amazing musical, dance soloist role ever created! Because there can only be 1 of you and ur 1 personal story to tell! 

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