Decisions: can be the boundaries that fence u in... Life is like a colouring book, such is life. So there are 2 paths present: 1: Live your life drawing lines and colouring inside the box... or 2: Like a 5 yr old child experiencing colour for the 1st time; release yourself into the world of the unknown, creating your own art and realising your unexplored potentials.

Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty and the beast are the unachievable dreams of the child's imagination.The Fantasy of living, knowing that someone would soon swoop u off ur feet and living a happily ever after. Remember those days when u would lie in bed and have faith, that life would work itself out like a fairy tale? Santa, The Tooth Fairy and Prince Charming is all just a story tale away. Then we grew up... as you soon open ur eyes and realise the the harsh beating of the cruel world has punched the last bit of hope and belief out of ur dreams and settle. However, there are still those who dream of one day they hope to finally open their eyes and suddenly, it all comes true. 

Benjamin Franklin is the shock to the world of technology. He's secret to Success... "Never leave that till tomorrow, which u can do today!" Coming from the man who discovered electricity... U would think we get the point by now...
Fear, why we dont say or do things is a sign of fear, Failure? Rejection? Decisions? What if u are wrong? Making the biggest mistakes of all eternity... As the quote states "the early bird catches the worm."
We Pretend that the news is new... But... dating back to the scholars of ancient society... Carpe diem... SIEZE THE DAY! 
Make the wrong, to figure the right, go offtrack and experience the world and learn our own lessons. He who hesitates is lost, so why not know then wonder? The biggest failure, the rejection beats the hell out of not trying!  


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