We have all been through these days, weeks, months or even years, the question of "what am i doing? Is this what i want? Is this work worth it?
The person who can answer it is u, when we were kids our dreams of being a superhero or a damsel in distress... getting rescued by our knight in shining armour, or having the courage to help and save those that need help. As we progress in life, it seems time is slipping away, harder and harder to catch. Dreams shifted aside to live as the normal folks do. Aspirations to travel and the want to make a difference soon dissolves into the mist of disappointment. But Personally life has a way of planning everything out, it might seem like everything is our of reach, but if you want it hard enough and work at it, u can achieve greatness. Most of the time its about who you know and how much work they see you put in. But some of us might be in a totally different field in itself... At this point your thinking Shit, WHAT! 
But thats OK, as long as the passion and drive is still there you can achieve everything i.e. Natalie Portman studied phycology at Harvard and became one of the worlds greatest actresses. 
The fact is we are all the same... we are all equal. We are all special in our own ways and you have to think you're something to be something... Lets say if we all gave up on our dream, then who would we look up to? Aspire to? What would we live for? 

I have a good friend ( lets call he or she X) studying something X doesn't mind but the dream is to be a musician. X works extremely hard to please everyone and herself... with countless hours in the recording studio and the study hall... Possibly staying the night just to somehow feel inspired and to finally get the break X HAS been dying for. X might not want to be something X is studying but having the determination to do two things in a pure inspiration. You see, (Insert sad face) life might diverge you to different paths, but there is always an ally way back to the main road like sydney city... (OMG how many times i end up on the harbour bridge.... countless times...)  Never think your stuck because there is always an opening to bigger and greater things. Never settle for plan B unless A has totally lost all meaning to you. Never go for the easy steady income route. Money should be a reward of your hard work from doing what you love and not what you need to do. Life is short its meant to be hard and bumpy but once you hit the optimum it plato's from there, steady.

Comfort has no substance but achieving the "DREAM' which u have worked your life for, has! There is a saying in my Personal Training Course and that is... if you aim at nothing you will always hit it, but, if you aim for the Sky, then you will at least hit the stars! This of course has its hidden terms and conditions of dedication and constant passion to your work! wether its to become a lawyer, a musician, dancer or a superhero if you don't shoot the first arrow you will never hit anything.

So message me "THE DREAM" The first step is to let others know because if no one knows then no one knows.

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