It Seems that i haven't posted a blog last night so I'll do 1 now n 1 2night! ( Lol Sorry Guys went out :S)(( I have a life 2, Well, I hope i do! :P)
Good morning all to this beautiful day of Sunshine! I wanna talk about an experience i had last night at, pretty much club crawling with a couple of friends... I realised something... That life was made for u 2 experience things which are totally new and exciting! (don't worry guys i never do anything!) However, 1nce or 2wice is fair enough but if this happens on a regular basis, it becomes an addiction! 
"What? So I'm officially addicted to Alcohol?" NO! 
But u do have to realize that Alcohol can be fun at the present but in long term, has crippling effects to your entire body!
Ohh.... I'm not pressuring u 2 stop at all, go 4 ur life! Lol But! I will tell you that even tho I'm Sober, totally in control, Respect my body and don't have the urge to jump on the nearest moving object! U are Right, It gets depressing most stages! But I have a dream, a goal an unreachable star which no 1 would dare to venture to... Sumtimtes we gotta think... If It's worth the things we are doing? 
Oh but a drink can turn into many things,,, into another, drugs, fags... Hooking up with men 30+ ur age...
Hey... Im pretty despirate 4 sum action.... anytihing that wants to do me, I'll run with! Lol 
But... have the decentcy to tret urself right! Who knows u might 1 day not come home due to an accident!
If so Then y do so many of us get Killed? 
Death is like a forever thing, once ur gone u take everything with u... Ur hopes... Dreams and aspirations... So why not leave them here, Do em, Inspire and create!

Just think... U might win now with ur epic alcohol consumption and drug intaking, but! If i achieved half of what i wan't to, then I will still give up more to achieve my dream! So U can Shut me out, But ill just scream, I'm only 1 voice in a million, But u aint thaking that from me...
At the end of the day, its what you do and say that makes u who u are, So if u think about it, U only have just 1 life! So Y Stuff it up! :S 

I'm Nick, I want to be a dancer when i grow up! I Don't want to give up! I will do anything for everything! What would u give up? or do? For a clearer future to what u wanna do?

If ur not sure of what ur willing to give up, then what are u ready to do when the time comes?

U have been depressingly Bloggered!

Hypothetically (which means in real life! lol) there are these 2 guys, they started dancing the same time, did exactly the same thing and were both fantastic at what they did! Except 1 moved on to the next challenge and the other 1 stayed exactly the same place... 14 years later the 1 that moved on to greater things got into one of the worlds most well known company, while the other 1 still struggles to get his name out there... These 2 which should be nameless are both still fantastic dancers. However 1 got comfortable with being the best. The "Big fish in a lil pond" Is such a tempting and easy life... however, when u leave, lets say... school, ur no longer the big fish... ur 1 of many that strive everyday to make sure that he/she doesn't get nom nomed up by bigger fish! So 1 swam and conquered the big sea while the other sure is big in the pond... but what is he to the big picture? what is he?

So never settle for comfort! 
When times get rough just think, People that loose themselves give up coz when the going gets tough they give up... but the true dreamers! the true heros, Are those when the going gets tough the tough gets going!
Always put urself out there and try because rejection and failure sure beats the arse of not trying! 
Remember that life is short and that u don't want to end up one of those that say "what if?" because only 5% of people achieve their dreams... but thats because only 15% go for it... and most give up! 
Never ever be a giveruper! coz what ur giving up on isn't ur dream... It's urself! 

U have just been Bloggered! :p
(I have no right to the Picture, its from a fantastic website called word boner) :D

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Your life is like a non-fiction novel,  1 day equals 1 chapter, each chapter should be different from the other... Sum days its much more exciting while the other days it's down right boring! Think now... If your life is the finished... Published novel... then who is the main character? The Romeo to the Juliet? U guessed correctly! U ARE! Whether u are Prince charming, Shreck or a Fairy God Mother this novel makes u the focus! So if u ain't Price charming... He can just move aside! 
Many of us life our lives thinking much more of others... However, this is ur story! Not others! Sure, Its lovely to help out others but u have to realise the hard fact, of this life has no erasers! once its printed in... there can never be edits! 

Now... Its ok to think mainly of urself, u are the main character to ur novel! Every time someone passes, their novel gets published into the grave, having all eternity to read the worlds most personal and humiliating novel called "Ur life"... thats right the story ends there! So u have to realise when ur all nicely dressed and berried for all eternity... What have i done? What difference have i made? Is my story boring? e.t.c 

So Imagine ur life is the play to the most amazing musical, dance soloist role ever created! Because there can only be 1 of you and ur 1 personal story to tell! 

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First is first tho... Today, After many years of procrastination... I finally joined the gym!
Now Bak to d post... 

The controversy of the perfect born dancers physique was brought up today at dancing....
Its definitely hard to look away from possibly the worlds best facility and compare it to the sweat and blood of the worker. Yes, Talent is amazing and can produce some of the worlds best. But those who aren't born with, lets say the perfect feet make do with what they got :D
Thats right! They do! They grow sum balls, stop winging and WORK! They are disciplined, they stop eating/ cutting out fatty foods, they come to class early to work on everything and stay back till late. they stretch at night and go work out/ study after their classes of intense activity both mentally and physically. 

Another thing is, life is fair, they might have everything to begin with but if they don't work... then they stop there. They can't take criticisms as they were always the favourite in class... they soon realise that everyone that was once behind is zooming past them in a 40 zone... thats what you have to do! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! Don't focus on what other have but more on what gifts u have been given! Ur determination to succeed? Ur performance quality? the list goes on! So please send me ur gifts! Realise the potential of what life has given and run with it! 

Me: Flexible, Determined, Exuberant, happy, optimistic and definitely not a GIVER UPPER!... lets hear about u :D

However, i must say! If u are born with everything! you realise u cant have everything! its those who are humble and still work their arses off! They get to the top! Sp pretty much if u have it all! and ur a ball's of sweat worker! then u can have it all! :D But no 1 is that perfect... can there be?

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Decisions: can be the boundaries that fence u in... Life is like a colouring book, such is life. So there are 2 paths present: 1: Live your life drawing lines and colouring inside the box... or 2: Like a 5 yr old child experiencing colour for the 1st time; release yourself into the world of the unknown, creating your own art and realising your unexplored potentials.

Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty and the beast are the unachievable dreams of the child's imagination.The Fantasy of living, knowing that someone would soon swoop u off ur feet and living a happily ever after. Remember those days when u would lie in bed and have faith, that life would work itself out like a fairy tale? Santa, The Tooth Fairy and Prince Charming is all just a story tale away. Then we grew up... as you soon open ur eyes and realise the the harsh beating of the cruel world has punched the last bit of hope and belief out of ur dreams and settle. However, there are still those who dream of one day they hope to finally open their eyes and suddenly, it all comes true. 

Benjamin Franklin is the shock to the world of technology. He's secret to Success... "Never leave that till tomorrow, which u can do today!" Coming from the man who discovered electricity... U would think we get the point by now...
Fear, why we dont say or do things is a sign of fear, Failure? Rejection? Decisions? What if u are wrong? Making the biggest mistakes of all eternity... As the quote states "the early bird catches the worm."
We Pretend that the news is new... But... dating back to the scholars of ancient society... Carpe diem... SIEZE THE DAY! 
Make the wrong, to figure the right, go offtrack and experience the world and learn our own lessons. He who hesitates is lost, so why not know then wonder? The biggest failure, the rejection beats the hell out of not trying!  

I think I can add a blog about self worth today... I'm feeling that some of the choices that I have made arn't particularly the right 1's... Sometimes the wrong decisions feel right when making them... but... in the hidden terms and conditions is a constant ache of regret. So Lesson learned, and "make right of what you have left!" How can I tell if its the right decision to make? It seems when making 1 decision... another voice kicks in and totally contradicts the other... at this point ur thinking... SHIT NOW IM HEARING VOICES... (crazy Lol) but those voices soon become the "I told u so's" and "Ur on ur own's" of the future. 

We have all been through the... OMG! What was i thinking! and the Branded for life situations! Which i must add are totally not cool! I have made soooooooooo.... x 300000000 many repeated mistakes which I will continue repeating... sadly thats who I am... and my excuse would be... The penis...  Lol (excuse the rudeness) 

How many times have u seen others totally making a fool of themselves... Thinking... Gosh... thank God I'm not like that... But the awful truth is... OMG! I was totally like that!, dead set... at Tom's party, Gahhhhhh....

But! So many of these situations could have been avoided if I had a talk with my self worth and how far I've sunken which has unnoticeably scared my standards for life... 

So... It's time to make it right from what was left wrong...! Lol I'm liking my left's and right's! hahaha

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Today Marks a new beginning for many... I attended St Paul's Church in Castle Hill's which i may add is a very new and exciting experience for me. Loud music and a lovely dance performance by Rhiain gave the ceremony a new and modern outlook to "Church." Silent moments of Prayer has been uplifted by songs of the local rock band and talent from their community. I am grateful to be invited to participate with their welcoming ceremony.

Now In the Ceremony... we discussed the grave... a life of eternity... making this subject not like death, i just wanna say... life is short... We have all of eternity to rest and be at home... comfortable and be in the presence of happiness in "eternity". So in the mean time why not live it up... Not to the point of Drug addiction and heavy partying... But being able to set a goal and achieve it makes life 20x more fulfilling... Making a difference/ change the world
Realising its to late and being berried underground..(that would suck)
Its times like these that you ask yourself.... Who am i? Am i remembered? Have i made a difference? the answer is... YES
It depends on how much you put in to life... If you put in 100% then you officially have 0% left... Its like your faith... if you give your faith 100% without doubt... then the door to eternity would be as great as all imagined...
You dont have to be catholic, jew or anything to believe... Its just what we believe to make death less scary and more adventurous...

So i should Kill myself now? OMG HELL NO! As i said... life is short, no regrets, 
What a bout my PAST?
Today... is a marking of a new beginning as going to church has taught me... U have officially been wiped clean! what you do now should be exciting... celebrate life! Celebrate the difference you have made in the world... it takes 1 star to give the world hope :D
So today... yes a time for recognition of what was sacrificed... but a celebration of what you will achieve in the future and the impact on others u will have....

Thank u Rhiain for inviting me to ur church community :D it was lots of fun!

Sooooo.... In Personal Training there are 3 types of pple... the people on top of the mountain... the people on the bottom and the climbers.... 
People on Top are the achiever... Or the Inspiration
People Climbing are the future hero's
and the ones on the bottom havnt made their move yet.
Any1 of them can be a puller...
A puller is a puller downer! as in they pull other down to the bottom of the mountain... 
Why? because they are self insecure... Never ever listen to those who drag you down, like ever! The problem is... every1 is a potential puller... Feeling intimidated your natural instincts is to turn, and show em off! yes... U HAVE JUST BEEN A PULLER! It's ok if u dont intentionally do it but thinking about making sum1 look not as good is officially a crime... Personally... Lol
So i've just become a convicted felon.?.?. NO....
But instead of worrying about other think about urself... Think i wanna be the best i can be.... High ranking others should be the treat of your hard workness and your inspirational self worth.

However when people do try and pull u down... they slowly slip and go rolling face first down the mountain while u stay heavily secured with your harness... people help those who help others so its perfect! The more friends u make the more people who respect u, the less others would want to pull u down... So say it loud and clear when sum1 pulls! " Um... Im not diggin ur attitude... And walk away" DO IT! 

Or Take it as a compliment when pple slip, its their asses to the floor not urs! Ur simply hovering above them like an eagle in the grand canyon (whats that, an american simile.... how unpatriotic of u nick just move to america already!) Lol 

The even sader fact is (insert even sadder face) is that ur hero can be a puller... but as human beings we can all turn a blind eye and only respect the things we love on our hero's i.e. i like michael Jackson because of his inspiration for the world... not his insecure self of being different... 

Because we dont know the hero personally... We can choose to save the info that makes us inspired and feel loved lol 
So who likes Chris Brown? I DO!

So be Urself! Be who? BE U! 

We have all been through these days, weeks, months or even years, the question of "what am i doing? Is this what i want? Is this work worth it?
The person who can answer it is u, when we were kids our dreams of being a superhero or a damsel in distress... getting rescued by our knight in shining armour, or having the courage to help and save those that need help. As we progress in life, it seems time is slipping away, harder and harder to catch. Dreams shifted aside to live as the normal folks do. Aspirations to travel and the want to make a difference soon dissolves into the mist of disappointment. But Personally life has a way of planning everything out, it might seem like everything is our of reach, but if you want it hard enough and work at it, u can achieve greatness. Most of the time its about who you know and how much work they see you put in. But some of us might be in a totally different field in itself... At this point your thinking Shit, WHAT! 
But thats OK, as long as the passion and drive is still there you can achieve everything i.e. Natalie Portman studied phycology at Harvard and became one of the worlds greatest actresses. 
The fact is we are all the same... we are all equal. We are all special in our own ways and you have to think you're something to be something... Lets say if we all gave up on our dream, then who would we look up to? Aspire to? What would we live for? 

I have a good friend ( lets call he or she X) studying something X doesn't mind but the dream is to be a musician. X works extremely hard to please everyone and herself... with countless hours in the recording studio and the study hall... Possibly staying the night just to somehow feel inspired and to finally get the break X HAS been dying for. X might not want to be something X is studying but having the determination to do two things in a pure inspiration. You see, (Insert sad face) life might diverge you to different paths, but there is always an ally way back to the main road like sydney city... (OMG how many times i end up on the harbour bridge.... countless times...)  Never think your stuck because there is always an opening to bigger and greater things. Never settle for plan B unless A has totally lost all meaning to you. Never go for the easy steady income route. Money should be a reward of your hard work from doing what you love and not what you need to do. Life is short its meant to be hard and bumpy but once you hit the optimum it plato's from there, steady.

Comfort has no substance but achieving the "DREAM' which u have worked your life for, has! There is a saying in my Personal Training Course and that is... if you aim at nothing you will always hit it, but, if you aim for the Sky, then you will at least hit the stars! This of course has its hidden terms and conditions of dedication and constant passion to your work! wether its to become a lawyer, a musician, dancer or a superhero if you don't shoot the first arrow you will never hit anything.

So message me "THE DREAM" The first step is to let others know because if no one knows then no one knows.


Chapter 1: Interactive lateness?
Supposedly meeting everyone at 6pm on the dot... my good friend pierre laba sarkis calmly crossed the streets with his 1970's vintage look with the bowtie, 30 min late. After saying " I'm 2 minutes away" for the past 20 min me and Meri (also an exceptional personnel studying LAW) experienced an epic collision between this girl and the glass door... 
lets say It definitely left a mark... on her and the door...
After the arrival of the Sarkis we went into wagaya an interactive menu food restaurant... after multiple min of "how does this thing work" we finally got our orders in... Meri: celebrated by reading us her Poem...which i thought was fantastic "BOYAAAAYAH DAY!" lol thats all i really remember sadly and " no more  sumthing gay... except for the meri rainbows and flowers of today?" i really dont think thats right.... Hmmm... 

Anyways back to the to Restaurant Don't even go there with the drinks which tasted like death in a glass and the over salted food was later calmed by the deliciousness of the green tea ice cream... so 20 min till the imogen heap concert and haven't even left the restaurant... i can safely conclude... we needed to bolt!

Chapter 2: Your face is heritage listed! I'm photoing this bitch!

At our arrival, photos were totally totally prohibited in the state theatre... after seated the camera was out and we were, lets say smiling for the show! Suddenly "Excuse me, this place is heritage listed... You cant take photos of the stadium but u can of the set..." i looked at her in disgust and replied "well lets say we accidentally took photos of ourselves in the set like "Accidentally" She then threatened me with a warning... At this point i was thinking... Um excuse me! Are u naturally a blond or ur just a bitch ( no offence to the blonds out there :P) 
Lets Just say the entire crowed broke rules by standing in the mezzanine Which i may add is also prohibited... So is the bitches face... but i didn't complain! 

Chapter 3: Lady... Your totally stoned... 

Supporting act was definitely interesting... it was of a fantastic musician who maybe said a lot to much... talking about her journeys through india and the dead bodies floating in the Gandi river... Definitely increased the freaky and weird factor... in an extremely uncomfortable and creepy way!
Never the less IMMI was driving around on her heavily sequenced couch/ vehicle that drove her around the stage. Personally if ur gonna perform... lay off the weed!

Chapter 4: We Love u Immi!

Moments of Magic and excitement filled our heads as she tells the story of her journeys for each song. Inspiring? Absolutely!  
Makes me wonder and think deeply of the journey i'll embark! This Should be the longest chapter ever! However i was definitely in the moment! If any has the chance to see her, id go! JUST GO!  and experience her!

Chapter 5: the Golden Mile

After exiting the theatre of Heritageness! we all needed to run to the toilet... after walking for 3o min... which seemed like forever... we finally made it to Pancakes on d ROX! Rushing though the line of hungry unattainable human beings i was able to get to the toilet.

Chapter 6: this could Be a book!

As We sat there looking at the menu we decided to oder a Pizza! Possibly the most amazing creation at 12 am in the morning! it was sooo tasty  Mr Sarkis even liked his plate clean... and that was not a euphemism! He really did! HIGHLY RECOMMEND PIZZA AT THE ROCKS :P
We then got our pancakes! Meri as we call her decided to lecture us all on the amount of fat and carbs we were consuming Lol But hey! This is a celebration! and lets say She definitely enjoyed her set of PNCKS!

Chapter 7: the 20 Min wait

After 20 min of boredom waiting for the train to go home, it surprisingly was quite a quick trip home... I was tired and so was meri... Mr sarkis went home and was probably snoozing his life away...  then home...

That was the Epicness Of the Immi 2 day event! 

Pierre Laba Sarkis
Nicholas Li
Meri... Just Meri Lol
and The BITCH!